Shadowhunters SEASON 2 E11 · MEA MAXIMA CULPA S2 · E11 · Mea Maxima Culpa 5 Jun 2017 Everyone is dealing with the aftermath of the Soul Sword attack at the Institute. Area MAGNUSTHEMAGNUS Alec and Jace spar against one another; Alec asks Jace about his abilities due to having pure Angel blood then asks if why he hasn't told Clary about him and her not being siblings. Patterns JONATHAN BYRON BELANGER As they enjoy watching the sunset together, Clary reassures Simon, when he beings to express concerns about his new daywalking vampire status. We’re Lost ROSCOE WILLIAMSON, VINCENT MCCREITH & LOUISE MACNAMARA At the Weslodge bar with the Greater Demon, Azazel, approaches a Harondale employee at the Weslodge bar and begins to questions him about the Mortal Cup then kills everyone in the room. Here & Now DRESSES At the Hunter's Moon, Maia overhears Simon pleading with Maureen over the phone, then confront him over what she hear causing him to confess to her that he is now able to walk in the sun. Also this song is used for AD in iphone 8 commercial - advert