Beatport: 01 Wade - Take It Easy (Original Mix) 02 Dennis Cruz- Twisted (Original Mix) 03 Camelphat - Let The Rhythm (Original Mix) 04 Superlover - Night Drive (Original Mix) 05 Raffa FL - Can't Get No Sleep (Original Mix) 06 D-Unity - Sinner (Original Mix) 07 D-Formation- In Motion (Original Mix) 08 Barber - TanzFreq (Original Mix) 09 Oscar L- Apollo (Original Mix) 10 Bontan - What You Want (Original Mix) 11 OC & Verde- Vertigo (Original Mix) 12 Josh Butler - Downstairs (Original Mix) 13 Return Of The Jaded & Juliet Sikora - Did You Take My Money (Original Mix) 14 Miguel Bastida - Toned (Original Mix) 15 Illyus & Barrientos- Get Up Don't Stop (Original Mix) 16 Kydus - La Terraza (Original Mix) 17 Ellroy - Sentiel (Original Mix) 18 Christian Nielsen - Got To Groove (Original Mix) 19 Eekkoo - Tyler Durden (Original Mix) 20 Danny Serrano- Begin Again (Original Mix) A new volume of our most successful compilations, is already here: Kitties Wanna Dance 7. Some of our best tracks were released on previous volumes and some of the regular artists of Suara have debuted in these series. In this KWD7 we have some great tracks from some already known Suara artists and some hot producers that are releasing music on the label for the very first time. What kind of music can you expect? Music for the dancefloor, tracks for making the kitties dance, Tech-House, Techno, House, melodic tunes. Music for happy audiences. Why? Because kitties wanna dance and this compilation is the perfect tool! Artwork by GaAs Mastering by