Listen up mi gente, my people! We have a hot dance story today featuring music from J. Balvin and Willy William. Also, the Queendom crew goes off to Shirlene Quigley’s choreography. #DanceStories Subscribe to DanceOn!►► Subscribe to Shirlene Quigley!►► DanceOn brings you Dance Stories, where we put the creative reins in the hands of our DanceOn Network talent and help them bring their unique vision to life! This video was choreographed by Shirlene Quigley featuring “Mi Gente” by J. Balvin and Willy William. -CONNECT WITH SHIRLENE QUIGLEY- Site: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: -CONNECT WITH QUEENDOM- Queendom | Dance crew of queens who can do anything in stilettos Instagram: #Queendom #QueendomCrew -CONNECT WITH DANCEON- YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: -CONNECT WITH J. BALVIN- YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: -CONNECT WITH WILLY WILLIAM- Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: -WHO DID THIS?- Shot & Edited By: ZuriSaddai and Nikko Corona Jr. Music: “Mi Gente” by J. Balvin and Willy William Choreographer: Shirlene Quigley Assistant Choreographer: Josephine Remy Queendom Crew: Lauren Cannon (@Lauren.cannon), Kim Young (@kimi_young), Emma Bigelow (@emmaBigelow_), Zenia Mason (@zannyban), Marie Trent (@MarieTrent), Ashley Aquilo (@AshelyAquilo), Ashley Duke (@ohmy_caprisun), Josephine Remy (@Josephine_remy), Atma Romero (@AtmaRomero), Haruka Honoki (@HarukaHonoki), Shirlene Quigley (@ShirleneQuigley), Patricia Gordon (@PonytailPatricia) VP of Production: Cara Goldberg VP of Content and Platform Strategy: Roxanne Teti Music Partnerships: Erica Forster, Jason Cienkus If you wanna be all official about it: For DanceOn music partnership inquiries: For DanceOn talent partnership inquiries: For press inquiries, we’d love to chat!:

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