Today's video is different. It is a platform for me to get some things of my chest. The video has been made for nothing more than trying to promote this topic and also share other LGBTQ+ accounts.. LINKED BELOW. I hope you take the time to watch and I would love to see your comments below. There is ALOT of accounts, so I didnt want to list them individually and miss people out because i know how that feels to be left out. So check the twitter thread linked for lots of amazing accounts & please come and add to it! TWITTER THREAD OF AMAZING LGBTQ+ ACCOUNTS: Thank you for watching! Come and follow me on my social medias | My Twitter - My Instagram - Goodreads - SNAPCHAT - benjyalderson Music Copyright: "Too Cool" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License My Tumblr - Website - EMAIL -