How to speak English like a native speaker... the way native speakers actually speak. Buy my book: How to speak English like a native speaker? To answer this, first, we have to ask: how do native speakers actually speak English? For a long time, questions like... - How to native speakers speak fluently? - Why do they sound so natural? - How do they sound so native like? … confused linguists. We believed that native speakers spoke using grammar rules vocabulary words to create sentences - like a complex mathematical equation. But the problem is, the brain's RAM just isn't this good. We should speak slowly and awkwardly. But we don't. We speak really, really fluently. Not only this... But why do some phrases and expression sound more natural in English than others? Why do we say, "Good morning?" and not, "Pleasant first half of the day"…? Why does, "Julian, your ugly face needs plastic surgery" sound natural, but, "Julian your ugly face needs a plastic operation" sounds weird? Simply put... It's because native speakers speak in CHUNKS. We store chunks in memory, and then just pull them out as-is when we speak. No computation necessarily. This is why native English sounds so fluent and natural. =================================== * More English Learning Stuff From Julian * Get my book, Master English FAST - an uncommon guide to speaking extraordinary English here: For weekly business English Lessons, go here: To learn more about Julian and Doing English, go here: * English Lessons on YouTube * Learn English with the Sunday's with Julian Series: Julian in Canada: English speaking practice: ========================================== ABOUT DOING ENGLISH AND JULIAN NORTHBROOK I teach the English language. I learn language. And I research language. In a nutshell: I help intermediate to advanced English learners master the English langauge and use it to get shit done in the world of international business more effectively, with less stress, less hassle and fewer headaches. I'm an expert in English education and direct responce marketing. Here're a few more things about me: - British guy living in Japan since 2007… - … speaking Japanese badly since 2008, pretty well since 2009 and - translator/ business level since 2010 - Masters in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching (with Distinction, no less) - PhD student in Psycholinguistics (researching lexical-bundle processing in second language learners.) - Father of three (very noisy) bilingual children - Proponent of constant, life-long self-education - Lover and avid believer in the power of e-learning - Runner - Reader - Obsessive coffee drinker But it wasn't always like that. I've also been, a bacon-cutter in a factory, a Painter, a fashion designer, a translator, and a 'Japanese business man' (well, a businessman in a Japanese company anyway). Right now Doing English with Julian is what I "do". It's where I teach, coach, and help people through my programmes, courses and Newsletter. Julian Northbrook doingenglishwithjulian

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