Jason and Coath Tristan got together for a chest workout at Athletic Factor. This is a rather intense workout for M'lord but expect plenty of ments and quotables. #RoadtotheRuby #RacetotheRuby Follow Tristan: @tristan_james_lmt http://bit.ly/2jG1NZm Follow Jason: @lordvader25 http://bit.ly/2qyfNbi Location: Athletic Factor Gym http://bit.ly/2s26Ue6 Be sure to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel for tons of top-tier fitness content! You can also follow us on all of our social media outlets for tons of regular updates, special promotions, sales, and full access to our expert-level fitness knowledge! Facebook http://bit.ly/29XlcET Instagram: @blackstonelabs http://bit.ly/2oIzCwn Instagram: @bslmuscleboys http://bit.ly/2qXjsk6 Snapchat: blackstonelabs http://bit.ly/2qXn1GR Twitter: @BlackstoneLabs http://bit.ly/2qlcxiC https://blackstonelabs.com/ Peace out bye.

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